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I later moved to a different town, where I established another home medical equipment company, and then another.  The latest company grew steadily, beginning with an investment of only $4,000 and topping over $800,000 in annual sales in the fourth year, and poised to easily surpass the $1,000,000 mark the next year.  However, the company was hit by a lawsuit, from which it did not recover.

The lessons learned through this process of company building and legal assault intrigued me.  In particular, with my new first-hand legal experience, I observed that too many medical providers were at risk for loss because of a growing litigious climate.  Medical companies and medical practices, in particular, were saddled with a large bulls-eye. 

In an effort to help medical practices, agencies, and organizations reduce their risk of adverse legal action, Margin Consultants provides public seminars and private consultations.  


The president of Margin Consultants, Frank Margulis, received his B.A. in Psychology from Auburn University in 1985, with a minor in business.  Originally employed as a counselor (addictions counselor for an agency of the State of Alabama, then on to private practice specializing in individual and family counseling), he entered the business world in 1992 when he was challenged to establish a medical equipment company from scratch.  

On September 13th, 2005, I began serving a 5 month prison term at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp in Alabama.  The prison housed nearly 1,000 inmates, mostly from the Southeast United States.  About 150 were classified as "white collar" criminals, comprised mainly of politicians, businessmen, lawyers, and accountants.  Nicknamed "Club Fed" and temporary home to some of the Watergate figures of the Nixon era, prison was nonetheless a surreal experience.  This picture, taken about midway through my sentence, is of my family on visitation day.  


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